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The program

Companies across America confront a critical crisis: a worker shortage due to the opioid epidemic, record unemployment, and drug use on the job. The Rosenthal Center has designed a unique program to engage the private sector in drug treatment and recovery.


More than 400,000 people have died from drug overdose since 1999, the majority of which were opioid-related. At the same time, companies face difficulties recruiting new employees and maintaining workers due to drug use. The resulting spiral of job loss and addiction severely impacts individuals, communities and businesses alike.

How it works

Passageway addresses these challenges by offering prospective and current employees who fail a drug screen a second chance—provided they enter an  approved drug treatment program and pass random drug testing.  The program helps companies fill their ranks and contributes to the bottom line. The program also gives companies an opportunity to play a strong role as corporate citizens.

A success story

In 2018, Dr. Mitchell S. Rosenthal, a leader in the treatment of addiction, was enlisted to help Belden, Inc. The global technology and manufacturing company was struggling to find qualified employees because so many failed their drug tests. Belden joined forces with Rosenthal to create Pathways to Employment, an innovative drug treatment program. To date, the results are promising as Belden has been able to hire and retain a substance-free workforce, while becoming a model for corporate responsibility.

Team bios

Mitch Rosenthal
Dr. Rosenthal is a pioneer in the treatment of substance abuse. In 1967, he founded Phoenix House, one of the nation's leading providers of drug rehabilitation services. He is president of the Rosenthal Center for Addiction Studies.
Ed Klein
Edward Klein is co-director of the Passageway program at the Rosenthal Center.  A former editor-in-chief of  The New York Times Magazine, Klein is an expert in the field of strategic communications.
Alec Klein
Alec Klein is co-director of the Passageway program at the Rosenthal Center. An award-winning journalist formerly of The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, Klein has also run nonprofit organizations focused on social justice.

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You are making a difference in the lives of children and families who are struggling with drugs. Every donation matters.

- Dr. Mitch S. Rosenthal

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